Happy World Photography Day!


For World Photography Day I’d like to share a beautiful story. A friend of mine went to Africa on photo Safari with her husband, sister and brother in-law, last year. During the trip their guide was incredible, he kept describing how they should take their pictures, the animal behavior they should look for or how they could get a better angle on their shots and was giving them the kind of advice that a seasoned photographer would give them. When they asked to see his pictures, he said that he’d never done photography before himself, always wanted to but could never afford the hobby, he was just a guide. When my friend and her family left, her brother in-law, Marc left a small point and shoot camera as a gift with their guide and an email to contact him so they could keep in touch and see his pictures. 

Well the guide, Nasibu Shaman Shoo, has been been taking tons of pictures and emailing them pictures all year. The kind of pictures he has taken are just incredible especially considering that they’re from a point and shoot camera. Inspired by his work and passion, this year my friend and her brother in-law were both upgrading their equipment and instead of trading it in their old gear, they have decided to send it to Nasibu to help him on his photographic journey. 

When she told me this story it touched my heart and actually made me tear up. The act of sharing something so life changing as photography with someone half way across the world is one of the most precious gifts anyone can give. I would like to encourage all of us to think like my friend Linda and Marc and instead of trading in our old gear to put towards new equipment, think about giving it to someone who would love to learn photography. You could change someone’s life forever just by this act of kindness and humanity. 

Written by Shannon K. Culpepper

Photos by Nasibu Shaman Shoo