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I've been teaching students privately and in adult education classes for over 20+ years but in the last three years I've discovered a new inspirational way to teach and take my students to the next level. This change happened because my 14 year old son, Martin Culpepper, became interested in learning wildlife photography. Now I'm not a wildlife photographer, I don't have the patience to stay two hours in below zero weather to wait for a snowy owl to fly but somehow I had all the patience in the world to wait for Martin waiting on a bird to fly. I was able to teach him on location and now he knows how to shoot manually and sells his work often at fairs and online. By teaching him, I learned that the most important lesson to teach my students, is to get the student immediately addicted to taking pictures. To teach them how to see first, get some instant wins and then teach all the technical information in small, easily digestible pieces along the way. To see more of his work, scroll to the bottom of the page and like his Facebook page as well. 


On Location Classes

These are private classes that you and I will go on location and shoot in Boston or the metro area. These are tailored classes to teach only what you are interested in.

If you are working towards learning portraiture, I will also set up the studio location, help with the lighting and the props and the models if necessary. 

If you want landscape or wildlife classes, we’ll go out to local picturesque places and I’ll work with you to help you capture the kind of pictures you’ll be proud of.

If you want to learn street photography, we’ll go walking the streets of Boston together and we’ll figure out your style and practice approaching people to ask if you can take their picture.

And lastly, if you have a product that you’re trying to sell, I can teach you how to take the best pictures for your kind of product. We’ll construct a simple studio set up that you can easily recreate.


Group Classes

Wednesday nights I offer weekly group classes and we meet in public places like a local event or in the dead of winter, Barnes and Nobles. We share our work with one another and go over technical difficulties you had while shooting and how to get the shots you want. Because everyone has different cameras in this class, there are general camera principles taught but you must bring your camera manual to class so I can figure out how your camera operates. 


Photoshop Classes

I love teaching photoshop and what is possible in the digital darkroom. I spent many, many years in the black & white and color darkrooms and can do more than most in there, but once photoshop came out, I never went back. I've been using photoshop since the early nineties. I love everything about this product and teach Adobe Photoshop CC. Half of your image is the raw shot but the other half comes from cropping, editing the contrast, colors, saturation, vignetting and artistic editing. Don't leave your image at only 50% of its potential. 


Build Your Own Website Classes

Have a small business or launching your book, product or services? Build your own website with me guiding you the entire way and giving you the top of the line website advice and strategies to make your site as effective as possible. We will be creating your site in squarespace and when you're finished with the 4 - 1.5 hour classes you'll have a fully built site you can now edit and manage yourself. Some of the packages come with professional commercial photographs of your products, head shots and company facility pictures included.

I specialize in:
Photography Sites
Author Sites
Jewelry Sites
Small Business Site
Corporate Sites


Coming Soon!!

Online Monthly Video Class Subscription

Each month I send out a one hour video to my online students. These classes cover everything from vacation photography to portraiture and wildlife photography. There are several different classes you can sign up for. 

1. Find Your Style Including All Kinds Of Photography

2. Taking Pictures of People

3. Nature, Landscapes and Wildlife Photography

4. Fine Art Photography 


Martin Culpepper's Nature Photography

Check him out on instagram at @martinz.photos on Facebook at Martin Culpepper Nature Photography