Web Design includes:
A Branding Consultation 
A Full Commercial Photo Shoot
Digitized Graphics and Logo Design
Professional text 
Social Media Set up
Social Media Training 
Marketing Consult 
Use of SK Culpepper Stock photos
Updating Web Site Lessons

         Having a powerful website and targeted social media is a must in this information age,  whether you’re an artist, landscaper, lawyer, chiropractor or small business owner. Your website is a digital representation of what your company values, it shows your dedication to customer service, and it's the first and sometimes only chance to impress potential customers.

         But effective web design is more than matching generic stock photos to cookie cutter text. Having your website created by SK Culpepper will give you the kind of personalized professional look and feel that will not only make your business stand out to potential customers researching the internet but it will be a true digital likeness of your company, your mission statement, your core beliefs and how much you value your customers. Think of your website like the outfit you choose to wear to an interview, you can go in a suit and make the best impression or you can wear a ratty outfit and risk squandering your only chance, the choice is yours. 

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