01-26-13 Books


Books are the flowers in the gardens of great civilizations. We may be in the information digital age where books have been reduced to black and white pixels on tablets, where they have lost much of their souls and beauty but I don't think digital books can ever completely replace real books. I went to the library today and the feeling of being surrounded by all these time capsules of knowledge was similar to the sensation of walking in a lovely peaceful garden. Now I have several tablets with digital books and yes they are useful for reading at the gym or traveling but I find when reading a paper book it is a different kind of experience a beautiful kind of journey that can't be replicated in a digital format. 

Photo and Quote by Shannon K. Culpepper

01-25-2013 Happy Friday

Budding creative minds need exposure to the arts! This is a job for parents just as much as schools. Have art outings with your children to the symphony, plays, the ballet, art museums, sculpture gardens, galleries and poetry readings even if you yourself don't really care for these venues. This will give your children the best creative foundation possible, in a world that is quickly forgetting how to produce original ideas! ~ Quote and Photo by Shannon Knock Culpepper